Principles of the Pilates Method

  • Concentration

  • Centering

  • Breathing

  • Control

  • Precision

  • Flowing movement

  • Isolation

  • Routine

Our bodies are amazing, let’s do our best to enjoy what we have.

Shoulders back and down, tummy in & stand tall.

Pilates benefits everyone and is the best way to tone up your entire body.  Pilates classes are done either on a mat (matwork) using your body weight as resistance or using a Pilates Reformer using spring loaded equipment for resistance.


Classes are great for building strength in the entire body especially the core and aids in overall weight loss as well.    Pilates is the best way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and is essential to maintain as we get older. 


Classes are provided in a safe, effective and fun environment and every class has a variety of different equipment including:  Flex band, Foam roller, Bozu, Fitness circle, Large & small stability balls & new Reformer machines.


With hundreds of exercises and variations from beginner to advanced, intensity can be increased over time.  But no pressure will be forced as our bodies are all different and we perform to where our limits take us.  Pilates is low impact training, keeping joints free of strain and pain.  We focus on posture, stability, muscle imbalances and movement patterns. 


As a Pilates Instructor you get to see people’s bodies transform as they strengthen and challenge their muscles with this incredible form of exercise.


Pilate’s education doesn’t stop, I will be continuing my education with Rehabilitation and working closely with local Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.