Dancing all forms of dance starting at the age of 5 locally with “Dianne Williams School of Dance” continued to push the body through exams and performances for 16 years.  But all I wanted to do was teach and fortunate enough to assist Dianne for many years before I left for the Gold Coast to pursue a teaching career.   Well   --   I really should have explored that before I left Gympie.  Thankfully I had a background in administration, because that’s where I was until I found a dancing school for me.  After a couple of years I found “old school” dancing teacher, took some lessons and before I knew it I was taking a couple of classes per week.   


At the ripe old age of 27 my body needed a break and gave it all away but body awareness was always a key and started Tai Chi, perfect for an old dancer’s body. 


In 2011 a good friend Jamie Thompson (Kahuna Bodyworker), had a small massage studio alongside this massive room with all these weird looking machines in it.   I said to Jamie, “what the hell is all that in there” it had mirrors at the front of the room with mats on the floor.  I was intrigued.

Jamie introduced me to Elena from Vitality Pilates and the next day was my first Pilates class and I fell in love. 

So much, that in May 2011 I completed my first Pilates course with Stott Pilates and within 5 weeks I was a student teacher with Elena and her beautiful Studio in Mary Street. 

Elena took me under her wing and taught me so much – Pilates & Yoga was in her blood.  If I didn’t have Elena’s experience guiding me through I wouldn’t be opening up my studio today.  


Changing the story a tiny bit.......    

April 2015 – HATED LIFE   !!!!!      Yep, hated..................           

Need a life change – went to a women’s retreat to sort some shit out (bloody hated that too).  

BUT, we received a Kahuna massage in the package.

Well – I just spent a bloody fortune for 5 days to get the one thing I loved a dam $100.00 massage.  But I did get some positives out of it – one of the co-ordinators asked me if I would give her a Kahuna massage – my reply was, are you kidding me I have no idea what I’m doing,  She said, just go with the flow and feel your way.  OK, it’s going to be bloody rough though.


30 mins in – I was hooked.  I can do this and loved every second. 

SO MY CAREER CHANGE WAS MADE – within 2 weeks I was enrolled in my first Bodywork course and made great clientele as a mobile service.  Now based in my home based Studio.


Back to the other story.......

In April this year 2016 I done a Yoga Workshop @ My Yoga Studio and they were looking for someone to do a mat class. I just needed to do some refresher courses as I hadn’t taught Pilates for a few years. So I completed both Mat and Reformer courses with “STUDIO PILATES INTERNATIONAL” in Brisbane.  That got me thinking “yet again”.  

I’m going to combine the 2 professions Kahuna Bodywork & Pilates. 


HENCE   -   the light bulb moment in July 2016. 

Let’s get rid of the tinny, fishing & camping gear and build me a beautiful little home based Pilates & Bodywork studio.


DONE!!    opened up in January 2017 & still going strong


All due to the power of a Kahuna Massage